Chemical Verification Icon Chemical Verification

As the raw material supply chain continues to expand globally, it is critical for manufacturers to find effective and efficient ways to elevate quality programs to ensure the safety and efficacy of products before reaching consumers.  Recent innovations in instrument miniaturization have enabled manufacturers to perform lab-quality analysis at any point in their production process, enabling stronger quality programs that comply with stringent regulations and achieving quality goals that ensure consumer safety and product efficacy. The ability for manufacturers to bring the lab to the sample creates efficiency in material throughput allowing manufacturers to quickly receive materials and confidently put them straight through to production.

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Chemical Verification

Laboratory Advancements Icon Laboratory Advancements

Current trends in leading-edge lab design are empowering academic scientists to collaborate more effectively while conducting new life science research.  The use of lightweight, portable and battery operated Raman instruments allows for ease of movement throughout the laboratory and across multiple laboratories to support a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to data collection and analysis.  These instruments also permit universities to take an integrated academic lab-lecture approach to education allowing for hands-on lab analysis in the class room.

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Laboratory Advancements

Counterfeit Screening Icon Counterfeit Screening

The growing danger of counterfeit products entering the market is a strong concern for both manufacturers and consumers around the world. The global trade in counterfeit goods is booming, with a 2007 report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) putting a value of counterfeit goods crossing international borders at more than $250 billion.

Consumer goods, chemicals/pesticides, food/beverage products, and precious gems are all targets for counterfeiters. Topping the list of dangers is counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Estimates from the World Health Organization state that roughly 10 percent of the world’s pharmaceuticals may be counterfeit or substandard, with higher rates estimated for regions of the developing world, leading to approximately 700,000 deaths annually.

Handheld Raman spectroscopy provides regulatory enforcement agencies and brand security teams the ability to examine the chemical composition of authentic products on the spot, resulting in the rapid identification of counterfeits and immediate removal from the supply chain.

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Counterfeit Screening

Homeland Security Icon Homeland Security

As emerging threats continue to menace communities around the world, we are working to produce the most advanced hand held 1064nm Raman analyzer to support your mission critical and time sensitive assignments.  With greater material coverage and easy-to-interpret, actionable results, the use of Raman with 1064nm laser excitation offers first responders, homeland security, military, law enforcement and forensic chemistry personnel the ability to bring lab-quality analysis out to the field to quickly identify and communicate potential threats in order to make life-saving decisions on the spot.

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Homeland Security

Narcotics Identification Icon Narcotics Identification

As drug abuse and illegal trafficking of controlled substances continues to be a global problem, recent news calls attention to concerns over the alarming rate at which designer drugs are entering the market.  Often referred to as “party drugs”, methamphetamines, cocaine, MDMA (Molly, Ecstasy) and heroin have an increased negative impact on public health and safety around the globe.   As law enforcement and security personnel seek ways to perform rapid narcotic identification to effectively address this growing concern, we are working to produce the most advanced hand held 1064nm Raman analyzer to support efforts that remove these increasingly dangerous substances from circulation.  The use of Raman with 1064nm laser excitation is capable of providing non-destructive actionable results for wide range of materials in seconds.

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Narcotics Identification